Thursday, December 13, 2012

...So it begins...

Alright, as a short break from drawing, I've decided to start this blog, which I'm sure will reveal it's usefulness as I progress as an artist. Until then, I suppose I'll post some art, talk a little, etc.

So I'm currently approaching finals for my third term at MWCC. Of course the most stressful thing right now not being the impending finals, but my drawing homework. I have to complete a series of 10 drawings of a personal subject. I chose to essentially illustrate my interpretation of the story in the game "Braid." It's complex on the outside, but simple once you understand it. Why it's "personal" to me is because I see the message of it to be a metaphor for self-understanding. So basically, the great metaphor in the game, I think, is another metaphor.

Anyway, this homework started as 1 drawing, but then expanded to 10. Unfortunately my first one doesn't really fit into a series, so I won't include it (which is a real bummer because I take a long time to finish 18x24 drawings).
Oh yeah, and they are all far anyway.

(Sorry for the "meh" quality of these photos.)

I've been doing them by Photoshopping a sketch first:

I'll then print that and grid it:

Then I'll grid my big paper and dig in until, well, it's done:

All of my sketches so far...:

...and the rest of my drawings so far:

And yeah, they don't seem like much here but I put a lot of time into doing these. It takes a few hours to just concept the sketch, do it, and print it out and grid it and the 18x24 paper. Then I actually do the drawing, which can take anywhere between 16 to 20 hours, or maybe longer. The way I work with pencil is pretty slow, unfortunately.

So yeah, all that work and I'm technically not even halfway done, even though I've done 10 drawings so far already. Also, I have something like a week to finish.


Did I mentions I have finals soon?

On the side I have plenty of digital things that I'm in the middle of. Stay tuned.

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